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I am a listener, a communicator and a designer of things from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I appreciate the creative things that happen in this world and I work to reveal the creativity in others. I create original stuff over at Drawing, Drawing, Painting, Drawing.
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Is this more HOTTEA work along Marshall Street in NE Minneapolis, or is it an imposter?

The good folks at the Thorp Building in Northeast Minneapolis have unveiled a new sculpture by Drew Bode entitled “Cosmic Concert” over the weekend as part of their Art-a-Whirl annual sculpture program.¬†

The Thorp Building is located on Central Avenue, south of 18th Avenue NE. Keep your eyes open, this piece located just north of the railroad tracks on the west side of Central Avenue.

Trust in Your Future 2012. This is my submission for Art House Co-op’s Mystery Project. This project initiated by Art House Co-op and Prismacolor is designed to “challenge artists to experiment with the unexpected.”

My theme provided by Art House was “The future of the year.” I created a small coin with the inscription “Trust in Your Future,” and dated 2012.

If you want to check the it out or grab it for yourself, it is stuck (temporarily) to the west side of the south silo of the Mulberry Silos in Northeast Minneapolis on 23rd Avenue and California Street NE.

We’ve got a Boxy Mouse in NE Minneapolis! This guy sits way up high on the stoplight at 29th & Johnson Street NE, opposite Hazel’s Northeast.

A number of highly-developed tags have appeared on the newly constructed Main Street Bridge in Northeast Minneapolis between 1st and 3rd Avenues along the Mississippi River. These pieces can be seen on the south side of the embankment facing the river along the rail line on to Nicollet Island.

More work by HOTTEA is up in Northeast Minneapolis. The graffiti artists turned street art innovators HOTTEA has put together another street art piece at 18th Avenue and Central Avenue NE.

Check it out for yourself before it disappears.