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I am a listener, a communicator and a designer of things from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I appreciate the creative things that happen in this world and I work to reveal the creativity in others. I create original stuff over at Drawing, Drawing, Painting, Drawing.
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Take Lyndale back to the southside.
Take Nicollet up to the Vietnamese.
Take Penn Ave back up to the northside.
Take Lowry east to the quarry.

Meet me right in front of the Rainbow Foods.
I got a brown paper bag and black buckle shoes.
If anything seems weird then just cruise.

Scott Olstad, an associate digital producer at MPR, noticed that these Hold Steady lyrics will soon be all the more nostalgic with the Rainbow Foods at the Quarry turning into a Cub.

While we’re at it, it’s probably worth mentioning that going east on Lowry doesn’t *actually* get you to the Quarry, at best you’re still four block north, but whateves…

(via stuffaboutminneapolis)

Off-duty turbine roof vents in the wind.

Off-duty turbine roof vents in the wind.

Frozen foam. Spring is coming.

Frozen foam. Spring is coming.

Folks enjoying the last bit of the wintery Minnehaha Falls.

Folks enjoying the last bit of the wintery Minnehaha Falls.

Old St. Mary’s Parish Church, winter 2014, Milwaukee, WI.

The Old North Point Watertower from my hometown, Milwaukee.

My unsolicited PSA for the season. Welcome to Minnesota.

"Rub my teeth for luck!" (at Coffman Memorial Union)

This is a cheeky little map I did  a while back of everything named St. Paul from my Minneapolis perspective. Enjoy.

The #715. Father’s Day 2013.

Powderhorn Lake in South Minneapolis…in colder times.

Wave to the little girl!

Late April isn’t usually the best time to talk about a late season snowfall, but it sure is pretty.

The 2013 Hotdish Revolution in Northeast Minneapolis is THIS SUNDAY at St. Maron’s Church! Don’t miss it.